“LIV CBD is not just a family of products, but a family-oriented approach to CBD and how it affects you, your life and the lives of your loved ones.”

Kim Skidmore


kimberly cbdKim Skidmore, who started LIV CBD, wants you to know enough about CBD and its associated products, to feel that what you take, when you take it, and how much you take, is really the best for you. The best in that it is not only safe but that it brings out the best results for you.

Kim, certified at the CBD Training Academy, has a background not just in CBD administration but in Age Management as well. The coupling of these two medical fields permits her to focus on how the body can respond to life’s stresses. She can provide you, her clients, with already proven products that have been third party tested, that are clean and available all in one place – at LIV CBD. Her natural and holistic approach to health and wellness are what permits her to truly help her clients.

cbd training academyWe will discover which products, and at which suggested doses, may provide you with the best and longest lasting results. Each of us is different, have a different metabolism and react differently to what nature provides.

In addition to providing good, safe, reliable CBD products, we feel that the nurturing environment in which they are provided is equally important. While deciding which products are best, sitting down sipping a CBD coffee or tea will provide a positive relaxed setting.

Come and relax in LIV CBD’s garden, sit under the shady trees, enjoy Free Wi-Fi for all customers. Keep track of our events Calendar on Facebook/Instagram. We will be hosting outdoor Yoga, kid’s programs, pop-up markets, food trucks, light music to suit all folks, and much more.



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