Would you like to sleep for a whole week? Well, that is not what Sleep Awareness Week (March 14-20) is all about. On the first day of the week, the National Sleep Foundation will release the results of a poll on U.S. sleep habits and end it when Daylight Savings Time begins. First, they will tell you that many people sleep better than you do, and then that will take away an hour of sleep. Not a win-win situation. What is the connection between the Sleep Foundation and a Certified CBD Professional and Coach? Both want you to focus on what you do when you are trying to go to sleep and the effects when you don’t get enough. A CBD coach at LIV CBD goes further.

CBD for Restful Sleep

Sleep therapists will tell you to use a supportive pillow, set a comfortable bedroom temperature, not to view a cell phone or TV while in bed, and that you should lie there and meditate. All of that sounds nice, but it only addresses what you should do once you get into bed. A trained CBD coach will discuss with you how you feel after not getting enough sleep. Do you experience headaches, irritability, anxiety, trouble with thinking and concentration, mood swings, high blood pressure, and weakened immunity? A CBD coach may prescribe a specific CBD dosage to alleviate these symptoms when taken an hour or so before getting into bed. CBD helps induce a restful sleep that stops those distressing symptoms and prevents them from starting up the next morning.

A coach can help you determine some of the reasons you may be predisposed to a restless night and what you may do to reduce pre-sleep stress – starting you on an upward rather than a downward spiral. The cannabidiol in CBD, when taken in the proper dosage (each individual is different), can be utilized as an effective sleep aid. As your melatonin and serotonin receptors are activated, your dopamine levels rise during sleep.

Anxiety is not just a symptom of sleep deprivation but can also prevent you from sleeping in the first place. CBD extract, taken a few hours before bedtime, can moderate your heart rate and blood pressure. Its calming efficacy and pain-reducing properties have a direct positive result and can precondition you into a meditative mood when you most need it. In the words of Merlin, the Magician, “Insomnia, be gone.”


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