Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day have both been around for years. Besides the original religious connotations, there are months-long marketing efforts to get you into the mood to celebrate. National CBD Day is a bit different. First off, if you know about CBD, you are already in the right mood. If you don’t know about it well, that is why CBD has a National Day. There is a company, National Day Calendar, which promotes special days of the year for various products, places, or things, to generate awareness for them. Hence, National Friendship Day (first Sunday in August), National Watermelon Day on August 3rd, and National CBD Day on August 8th.

Having a day to celebrate hemp products and CBD (cannabidiol) has been a long time coming, as it was hard to have a national celebration for something illegal. Between 1916 and 1931, quite a few states made marihuana illegal, and the federal government created the ban nationwide in 1937. Because it was hard for the FBI to tell hemp from marijuana (they are cousins in the same plant family), they banned hemp as well – even though it did not have the same physiological effect. And, because the ban also barred medical research, hemp products’ health and well-being properties were not well known.

National Hemp Day (February 4th) has been around for a few years now, partly because those that make the laws in Washington really could not come up with good enough reasons to ban twine made from hemp, roasted hemp seeds (usually imported from Canada), or bread made with hemp seeds. But, because there had not been a history of medical research on the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), it did not get its own national day until 2019. This year marks the third annual National CBD day, and celebrations are certainly in order.

Why one celebrates National CBD day will lead you to the “how to” portion. First, contact a local CBD shop to find out the benefits of CBD. A local source is best as you need to know that the CBD you get is of the best quality. Also, speaking with someone one-on-one means that they will know what you need and how best to proceed. A centrally located CBD shop is LIV-CBD at 320 Castle Street and is an excellent place to start. The proprietor, Kim Skidmore, is a certified CBD coach and is eager to help. To help make everyone aware of how CBD can help with your anxiety, pain, sleep, and much more. LIV CBD will be available to help you feel like you again!

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