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Our Story

Kim Skidmore, the visionary behind LIV CBD, is deeply committed to ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of CBD and its products. She believes in empowering you to make informed decisions about your usage, ensuring that it's not only safe but also optimally beneficial for you. As a professional certified by the CBD Training Academy with a rich background in both CBD administration and Age Management, Kim uniquely combines these disciplines to address how the body manages stress and aging.

Since its founding in February 2021, LIV CBD, has offered a selection of third-party tested, pure products, all curated under her expert guidance. Her approach to health and wellness is holistic and natural, aimed at delivering personalized care and results to her clients. Our journey with you goes beyond mere product selection. We aim to identify the products and dosages that promise you the best, most enduring benefits, recognizing that individual needs and responses vary widely.

We believe in a holistic experience; thus, our nurturing environment plays a crucial role. Imagine exploring your options over a soothing cup of CBD coffee or tea, Delta 8 or 9 beverages, in a setting that promotes relaxation and positivity. This is the essence of the care and experience offered at LIV CBD.

Expanding upon this foundation, we were thrilled to introduce an exciting new dimension to our shop: the addition of beer and wine offerings alongside our Cannabis products. This evolution marks the birth of the Bottle Shop at LIV CBD, a space where the joys of craft beer and select wines meet the holistic benefits of Cannabis. This integration is designed to enhance our outdoor space, making it not just a place for relaxation and wellness but also a vibrant community hub. With the inclusion of music and vendor events, we're creating an inviting atmosphere where friends, family, and newcomers can gather, share experiences, and enjoy the collective vibe.


The Bottle Shop is more than just an extension; it's a bridge. For those who may not have been introduced to the world of cannabis, it provides a familiar and accessible way to explore, learn, and understand the potential benefits of Cannabis in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Our commitment to education and empowerment extends to this new offering, ensuring that every visit is an opportunity for discovery and growth.


By blending the enjoyment of beer and wine with the wellness focus of Cannabis, we're cultivating a unique experience that celebrates health, happiness, and community. Join us at LIV CBD, where every element of our shop contributes to your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Kim Skidmore
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